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I respect the effort

Hmmm, a "new style of animation"? Maybe for you...
Don't get me wrong but you invented "hot water"...

I expected a more meaningful story, not just random objects made out of words...
Some colours blend with the bg and were hard to read, and some objects ( a man for an example ) moved too fast to "read all of the parts".

This could be done in actionScript, it would probably take 5 days to make the engine, but after that, it would be much easier to make ASCII animations with it.

Anyhow, put some more work into the story, and this will be a decent movie.


KyleDaFox responds:

You don't have to "read all of the parts," you just need to see the object they make up. Yes, it is a new style of animation. And no, I didn't invent hot water, I invented dry water.

Q.C. Passed :)

Heh, this was pretty good, to say at least.
The scenes and the progression of the story are very well executed and thought of. You've introduced every element into the story, and managed to keep it simple and interesting.

The animation could be slightly better, and some scenes could be a little shorter imo.

Anyway, good work. Keep it up.


It started as promising lil' movie, but it's simply just way too short. I liked the style, and the story, but 1Mb for 30s of a non-frameByFrame movie?
My Short Story About Love is almost three minutes long and it's around 94Kb, and after I added music it is around 300Kb...

I expected more from 1Mb, but I also expect - the sequel... ;)

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Yeah, this might become a game...

I like the style and the graphics, you should make more violent swings though, and more of them, to make it interesting for the player.
Power ups and super moves could be cool (hint, hint ;) )

I'll give it a 7/10 but only because it's a WIP and has potential.
Keep it up.

Seen it before, but enjoyed it a lot!

Awesome, awesome defend the castle kind of game.
The graphics was so sweet, and the way the zombies fall is superb.
Too bad it was so easy, and that there were no more ways to spend the day time.
You could have added food and water management to make it more hard to have a lot of people in the bunker.

Anyhow, you get a 5/5 vote from me and 9/10 review.
Keep up the excellent work.


Nice and cute, it'll be a nice card for the V-day...
But this isn't a game nor an interactive movie, so it should go into the animations category.


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